Internet Deep Dive: Frank Ocean Edition

Frank Ocean

For the last few months, I’ve wanted to start a new series on my blog with links to what I’ve been reading, watching, and thinking about. Here it is. This is Internet Deep Dive, and I’m starting it off with a few links related to my current obsession: Frank Ocean.


Genius has some of the best music analyses on the web, so I went right to them after Frank Ocean dropped “Lens” this past weekend. I definitely recommend listening to the song before watching this. The song doesn’t appear to be on YouTube, but it’s on Apple Music for sure.

2.  “OK Ken and David…”

When two of the head honchos behind the Grammy awards made an assumption about why Frank Ocean chose not to attend the 2017 Grammys (or to submit his sophomore album Blonde for awards consideration), Ocean wrote them this note on his Tumblr page.

3. “Frank Ocean Can Fly” by Jeff Himmelman

A profile of Frank Ocean published in The New Yorker shortly after his first album came out. Himmelman manages to write about him without making it seem like he and Ocean became friends, or that they even had a truly revealing conversation, as most celebrity profilers try to do. Read this for insight on Ocean’s process and his philosophy on making art.